Awhile ago, I've started to think typical costume jewelry from brand-named stores like Dior and Vuitton as unstylish. Think of those typical jewelry that spell out 'D-i-o-r', (I think I might own one or two myself!) Admittingly, not all are ugly, but I just can't stand how even tiny little jewelry have to be branded so obviously.

But as I was going through my old magazines from the last six months to rip out any pretty images, I noticed a tiny editorial blurb in Tatler about YSL releasing a small set of jewelry to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Opium fragrance. I really like the necklace. Imagine wearing it with a simple white tank top with jeans -that's adding a hint of luxury to a casually cool outfit. So recently, I went to a YSL shop, (which I normally never go to.)

And I fell in love with these earrings. They're the Muse earrings. Look familiar? That's beacuse they're the same style as the little metal thing on YSL's Muse bag. I love how classy and stylish these earrings look. They're made of Swarovski crystals (thankfully), making them relatively affordable.

Another very stylish piece. This braclet looks so versatile. You can totally wear it with any nice outfit, whether casual or going out (as long as gold jewelry matches your outfit.)
This brooch is very YSL SS07 -remember all the violets all over the runway? This design isn't very 'me', but I'm sure it would look elegant on the right people.

I LOVE the cocktail rings. They're so deco-feel. They would be perfect for plain outfits, like outfits that are in black and white, or those long, bat-winged dresses.

The gold one on the right is my favourite. I dont' wear rings often so I'm not going to splurge on it, but it is just SO pretty. Sigh...
I just found out that this is the first season YSL has released costume jewelry in recent years, so if you haven't checked them out yet, go visit a store!

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