Micro-shorts are one of the big trends this summer. At first I was completely against the idea of micro-shorts -they can easily make one look slutty and overexposed.
Another reason why I didn't like micro-shorts was because I don't like high-waisted shorts, which are oh-so-in this season. They remind me of outdated, old-fashioned shorts or bikini bottoms. Plus they're very unflattering.
But then I thought it would be cool to wear micro-shorts underneath all the long, tunic tops I had. You know the tops that kind of cover your butt but not really if you move? I didn't want to wear leggings underneath because that's a way too 80's-bicycle-shorts thing to do. So instead of skinny jeans, I thought shorts would be a fun, refreshing alternative for summer, provided they're low/mid-waisted. Last summer I tried this look (long top over tiny shorts like Nicole Richie here) with a skirt because I wasn't bothered to find shorts. But with shorts everywhere now, it's definitely time to get a pair!
Lindsay Lohan is so rocking the shorts here.
And Hilary Duff looks so pretty and summery here with that girly top and micro black shorts. I love how her outfit is looks so casual but still pretty and put-together. (Plus, notice the matching baby blue camisole underneath and the Miu Miu Mary Janes.)
So onto my search for the perfect micro-shorts. I origianlly only wanted a black pair, but the Kate Moss denim shorts had a really great wash and design so I couldn't resist trying them on.
But after I finally got those four buttons buttoned (they look cool but oh-so-annoying to put on,) I realised how seriously short they were. I mean, I would like to move around in them and I just didn't feel comfortable. Not to mention we must remember that Kate Moss looks cool in them for obvious reasons.
Then I tried on these Top Shop shorts, but the back pockets were just really ugly.
I love this pair by the Top Shop Kate Moss line -love the row of buttons along the sides (which you can't really see in the photo). Unfortunately, the Oxford Circus shop ran out of Size 8's and the sizes run big for this design. I'm obviously fated not to own them.
Ugh, maybe I'll just settle for that boring pair I saw at Mango today. Afterall, the shorts are just going to be worn under my long tops and are hardly going to be visible -they don't have to be that perfect. Anyone tried out micro-shorts yet? How are you wearing them?

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