One of the hottest tv shows this season, the finale was last Thursday. And boy, has a LOT happened since its premier- I don't even know where to start! But I shall try, so if you don't want to know what happens- don't scroll down!
Based at the head of the fashion industry, Mode Magazine, the main character is ironically the most unfashionable person one can imagine- Betty Saurez. At first, I thought it was a sort of spinoff of Devil Wears Prada and so have been waiting for a magical transformation since the premier. But no, despite temptations of the wardrobe sale and being best friends with the wadrobe manager, Christina, Betty has stuck to her true self, unfashionable self- and you know what? I think it actually grows on you, its quite endearing. And if you look carefully, her completely awful looking outfits are actually very coordinated!
Relationship-wise, she started off dating Walter who works at a place similar to Best Buys and at first dumped her for another girl and then came crawling back to her. He tried to fit into Betty's new "Mode" life, but alas, they didn't work out. Meanwhile, there was Henry the accountant, who is just SO sweet, I was totally vouching for him and gave a WHOOP when Betty dumped Walter. But then comes a Charlie and messes things up. ARGH. I'm so frustrated for Betty. They're MADE for each other.

Family-wise, Betty lives with her sister Hilda, her nephew Justin and her father Ignacio. Justin is AWESOME. I love him. I just love how he's even more excited and knowledgeable about Betty's job than she is, and he's not afraid to be himself and all even if it means not fitting in. Plus, his acting antics are just great. And unlike Betty, her sister Hilda (Justin's mother) is a beauty queen. Drama occurs between her and her son's father, Santos. And just when things were about to go right, it gets messed up with a blast. Part of me feels really bad for Hilda and Justin, but the other part realises that if things went happily ever after, what else would the writers write about next season?
And then there is her father, whose status as an illegal immigrant becomes known and the family goes through a spam lawyer and a crazy psychotic immigrant worker (Constance) who tried to marry him to get him legal residency. But alas, he ends up back in Mexico, where I predict his past is going to come back and haunt him next season. (And I think we are going to see that guy who Hilda sat with while everyone went to the little blue house, a LOT more).
Work wise, this is Betty's boss Daniel Meade. The heir to the Meade publications empire and playboy. But with Betty's help, we eventually see his serious side and see that his activities is just a result of all the pressure he faces. He just looks so cute and lost that I feel sorry for him!
First he falls in love with Sofia, an up and coming magazine editor, who was out to con him from the start for a story to launch her magazine, hiring a stripper to pretend to be the perfect boyfriend and all.
Then, just when he gets over that embarassment, the scary bunched up woman in the institution thingy turns out to be Daniel's brother, Alex, who they all thought was dead. Turned out, he just went to get a sex change. And indeed, Rebecca Romijn, is starting to look manly to me. She comes back with a vengeance because her father wouldn't accept his/her sexual preference and fights with Daniel and all. But towards the end, I think all conflict is resolved and the bonds of brotherhood holds. Although I wonder what happens.....
And then there was that whole thing about Fey Summers, Bradford Meade's ex mistress and ex Editor in Chief of Mode. All this time, they made us think that Fey Summers was not dead, with Bradford sneaking around and everything. Very clever. And then there was Claire Meade. At first she seemed like an unimportant victim in this whole story, but in the end, Who knew she had so much in her? And I don't understand? What is with men and feet fetish? Its just that I've been seeing this fetish a lot on TV shows lately. First in Sex and the City, then in Dirt and now in Ugly Betty. What is with feet that would make you cheat on your wife and blind your good judgment?
Then there is WIlhemina Slater, the creative director of Mode, and has been plotting all season to get her hands on the throne as Editor in Chief of mode. At first I thought she was just a pawn under another mastermind- the masked woman who turns out to be Alex, but turns out, she's a woman of her own. But you got to admire her determination to succeed and devotion to the industry.
Although we're reminded of her good side, through her failed relationship with that Texas guy, her daughter and her assistant- she DID swap her wedding date to have him back. Its hard to decide whether I hate or love her. And for a woman her age, how chic are those outfits she wears?
And into all this, there is Mark the assistant and Amanda the receptionist. I just LOVE the two of them, their antics and the things they say are hilarious.
I especially love Amanda because out of this whole "fashion" industry show, her outfits are the cutest and chic-est that is close to our age. Plus, the two of them do have their own little side story, and it seems that Amanda will play an even larger role next season.
Overall, as much as I love this show, I think the quality has gone down since the first few episodes. WAY too much have gone on that its starting to get slightly ridiculous. I miss those episodes where something goes wrong, and Betty comes in and saves the day. Perhaps it will get better again next season?
Wow, I just wrote a whole essay on Ugly Betty....if only school papers were so easily written!

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