Its Mother's Day again! Each year I both love and dread buying the gift, because I know its my time to show her I love her and yet nothing is ever good enough (nothing that I can afford anyway). So here is my brainstorm of ideas this year for a gift:

Flowers. I know. How generic. But honestly I've never done this before and really, what females don't like recieving flowers? This is a especially nice gesture if you are living abroad from home, as it makes recieving flowers from you even more special since its THERE. My friend does this every year and her mom still loves it. I am especially loving tulips as its colorful, pretty and refreshing.
Something a bit more personal and sentimental, I love the idea of an album especially made for your mom, its so meaningful! Even a small keychain with a picture of you and your mom would be cute. I can totally imagine my mom using a keychain like this- kind of like when parents keep pictures of their kids in their wallets- now they can have it on their keychain. Shutterfly is just awesome.

A little more practical, I thought of getting beauty stuff. Since I'll never know what the right eye shadow color (I'm not sure my mom uses eye shadows...) or lipstick is, body lotion and sunscreen is a safe bet that is also very useful. Everyone needs to keep their skin moisturized and protected. My mom is partial to the Lancome Treson collection. And this new Lancome facial sunscreen looks like a good one, I tried the older versions and thought they were quite ok.

And onto the subject of beauty, nail varnishes isn't a bad idea either. You can't go THAT wrong, especially if you go with fairly nuetral pinkish colors that are both subtle and very this spring/summery, like this pink one from OPI called Malaysian Mist. Oh and don't forget to get the base/top coat for a complete set. OPI has this great Start to Finish bottle (left) that is both a base AND a top coat! Even better, get you and your mom a manicure(and/or pedicure) treatment at a salon for a mother and daughter bonding session!
Speaking of bonding, what better way to spend more time together than to watch movies with comedy, romance and a focus on mother-daughter relationships? I especially loved Because I Said So, Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore were sooo great. And if you have more time, then you must go for a marathon with our favourite tv mother and daughter- the Gilmore Girls! There'd be SO much to discuss afterwards too!

But that is not quite my mom, because she doesn't watch these kind of shows. So in the end, I got her earrings. One looking similar to the drop ones above from Sheila Fajl (left), except mine were pearl drops. And another pair of hoops from Ralph by Ralph Lauren similar to the one above (right) also by Ralph by RL. I actually have the exact same pair, and since she's always been saying how it suits her face more, I decided to get her one too!

So that sit for my ideas this year. But really, gift ideas for Mother's day never goes old. So if this is still not quite what you're looking for, check out our last two Mother's Day posts for more inspiration, here and here!

Photo Credits:, Nordstrom, OPI and Shutterfly.

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