Left to right: J Brand 12" Pencil Leg Stretch Jean, Citizen of Humanity Kelly Jean, Notify Wide Leg Jean. All from shopbop.com

I always get asked whether skinny jeans are still 'in' or will still be 'in' in the foreseeable future and I usually give a vague reply. The runway collections show a bit of all styles of trousers (skinny, straight, wideleg,) and the trousers available in stores also are a bit of all styles. So the thing is, there is no one prevailing trend and you should just wear whatever you think is the most flattering and comfortable (as you should for all other garments too).
The style of jeans you look best in mostly just depends on your body shape. Take me and my friend for example, we're the same height but we have different body shapes: I'm pear-shaped and she's apple-shaped. I usually prefer bootcut, but I've started to wear straight-leg too last summer (as opposed to skinny jeans). My friend on the other hand, also used to wear bootcut (which fit a bit loose) until the whole skinny jean trend came along. Since then, she's been completely hooked onto skinny jeans because they seriously fit well on her.
The Telegraph recently just published a fantastic article on which body shape suits which cut. It's common sense really, but it's definitely worth a read. Let me know your experiences with different styles of jeans!

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