I must say, I've been impressed with Bebe's marketing techniques lately. They've managed to present themselves as ladylike, sophisticated, stylish and chic.
Through Mischa, they also appeal to the young and trendy. These ad campaigns really makes me want to go out and buy this trench coat (unfortunately, the site says it is not available for sale. Why do they even bother to shoot this if its not even available sale??). . .

. . . and this dress. . . . . . and basically everything in the catalog as well. Even though the fashion in the catalog seems to be targeted at a more sophisticated audience, it just looks soooo cool with this jet as a backdrop!
Their website is quite well designed, comprehensive and easy to navigate too. And some of the clothes shown actually look nice.

The only problem with all this is their actual store and products. Have you BEEN to a BEBE store? Because the ambiance it emanates feels nothing like this. I've tried. I've been inside many times trying to look for remnants of this style, I even asked if they had this dress that Mischa was wearing in the ad (to which the sales people told me they have never seen in the store before)- nothing.
In reality, the actual store feels cheap, and most of the clothes look cheap, slutty and way overpriced, like these two tops shown above.

Even Eva Longoria- who always looks so chic and elegant- looks cheap wearing this Bebe top on the cover of this month's Cosmopolitan.

So kudos to Bebe's marketing and web design team, and to those in the Bebe design and store concept team- a little revamping is in order.The products have to FIT the image!

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