Most bloggers/celebrities' blog and instagram are always filled with pretty pictures, glamourous face, gorgeous scenery, delish-looking food etc like as if our lives are just a big pretty picture. Aren't you sick of all that perfection?? Gonna let you girls into my instagram ootd BTS pictures and let you see how "unglam" and retarded I can be with Daniel.

Donna and Daniel kept calling me "Jasmine" from Aladdin or like Bollywood dancer cos I love wearing those long maxi pants/skirts so I went into a Bollywood pose while walking back to Daniel's house. He keeps taking all the unglam pictures of me HENCE THIS POST HAHAHA

*Snap snap snap
*Snap snap snap
*Snap snap snap
*Snap snap snap
*Snap snap snap
*Snap snap snap
*Snap snap snap
*Continues snapping

"People flaunt their JC heels I flaunt my cotton on slippers" HAHAHA

Was wearing slippers cos we were taking the shot at Daniel's estate! 

I think I'll semi regret posting all these pictures up cos I look so chui and "anyhow" but oh wells....COURAGE hahaha! I know people's first impression of me is always unapproachable, stuck up, arrogant, fierce etc which I understand why! I'm very reserved with new people unless somehow they have the magic to make me open up. And because I'm shy/reserved/quiet, people think I'm arrogant. I can only fully be myself(like how I am in the above pics) with Daniel and my super close friends. Daniel ALWAYS calls me crazy cos that's really how I am when I'm with him, like a siao-char-bo or a little girl.

So anyhows, I spent the past 2 days with him! We went to Tangs to buy his shoes after taking my OOTD shots!

I went through a lot of trouble to break off from Daniel so I could get him the gift card so he can buy his superga sneakers! It's such a blessing to bless people you love, isn't it? Heh I love the caption on the giftcard!

And then last night, he brought me to JEM's NTUC to buy groceries for me! Cos I perpetually have no food at home and I eat pretty little cos of that, so he said he feels damn heartpain that I'm eating so little and always hungry :') Yupppp so he brought me to NTUC and told me to pick whatever I want and he paid for it, just to make sure I have food to eat! Suuuuuper sweet :D Thank you susu! I rly appreciate it!!!

Hehe I feel so bad cos I bought A LOT of food. I'm gonna cook up a storm for him this Thursday, hopefully it will be nice (: we baked chocolate brownie too, and he brought home the WHOLE THING cos he likes it hahaha.

Hehe such a good start to August, I was rly happy for the past 2 days!
Will be back soon.


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