Just few days ago, I made a trip to Salon Vim to fix my ugly roots. Yeah, I don't want to have fugly hair for JUICE SEA shoot especially since it's gonna be an outdoor shoot!

My before hair which looks like SHIT!!! I don't even know how I could live with such hair for 3 months?! Super ah-lian looking omg, why didn't anyone tell me???

So I went to Salon vim and told Fiona (my hair stylist) to dye my entire head dark brown! And I told her I want peekaboo dark red highlights. Like I just didn't want it to be very obvious, and I can hide/ show it whenever I want.

Sounds complex and weird right.... she did it still! :D

Started with a treatment called inner link to protect my hair from the dye

Then the highlights! Color is magenta red!

Then it was dying my the rest of my hair brown! I had some oxygen thingum over my head which is suppose to oxygenate my scalp/hair.

You can't dye/perm your hair without finishing it with treatment so Fiona did the Redken 3-step cocktail treatment for me! You can read about the cocktail treatment in my previous Salon vim post here!

Super love the treatment cos it really nourishes and softens the hair that the texture of my hair doesn't even feel like it underwent any chemical treatment!!

The 3 ingredients to my cocktail treatment, slightly different from my previous treatment since I coloured my hair this time.

And tadah...... here's the final result of my hair


Personally, I feel ombre is a bit too common and outdated now. I think this "less is more" look is perfect for this season! And go back to dark colours, it's classier!

Took some more pictures at home for you girls!!

It's darker in real life, my camera's just a bit too bright.

The colour in this picture is more accurate!

And this is how I look when I bun up my hair now! No more black roots with light brown streaks!!

They also gave me this colour shampoo from L'oreal. It's a shampoo specially for colour-treated hair which nourishes and protects the hair fiber. It instantly detangles and leaves hair shiny and supple. What I like most about this shampoo besides the above functions is that it's really fruity and sweet smelling so my hair doesn't reek of chemical after washing. And you know what, it's not animal-tested SO LUCKY YOU OREO!!

I've enquired about the prices for your convenience. Here it is :

Color - from $85 (depending on length and techniques applied)
Highlights - from $55 (depending on length and techniques applied)
Redken treatment - from $95
Men's haircut - from $40 
Women's haircut - from $50 
Haircut price also depends which stylist does it for you/

It varies, so give them a call if you want to enquire anything or to book appointment!


It's really a good time to get your hair done now since christmas is coming (: 
Thank you Salon Vim and Fiona once again for the awesome hair, I love it!!

Check our Salon Vim facebook page here.

Just want to know if any of y'all will be interested in getting prom/grad dresses from TJM if I were to bring in long gowns. Like can wear for 21st birthdays/ wedding dinners, christmas/cny or even a big date la. 
Similar to the one I wore for Daniel's brother's wedding dinner.
or like this kind..

Prices will be around $50- $60. The quality is really damn good, plus it's damn cheap compared to other long gowns which usually is above $100. And I'll definitely bring in more than 2 designs for the gowns. 

And maybe short ones for the younger crowd. (probably $35 up)

Let me know on my fs if you're interested k!!

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