Hi everybody,

Yes, it's Thursday again and this time, our Burning Makeup Question of the week is "Do you have any makeup quirks?"

Yours truly looking way too gleeful with a red teddy bear. But believe me, smokey eyes, hair bow, and red teddy bear are not my quirks.
Wanna know my answer? Jump!

I have many quirks but so far, these take the cake when it comes to makeup:

1. I love to apply makeup with some background music. Lately, I've been obsessed with K-Pop. This song by Brown Eyes was my soundtrack when I recently did makeup.

2. I line my lips after applying lipstick: I've heard and seen people do the other way around (line then fill their lips with lipstick.) Somehow, that route doesn't work for me. Is anybody in the same boat?

3. I apply blush and bronzer after powder: again, people tend to do everything first before applying translucent powder. I found it to really mess up my contour line and I do the other way around.

So how about you, dear readers? Do you have any makeup quirks? Please share, please share. I'd love to read about them.

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