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How are you doing today? Are you ready for some mascara drama of the day? Today I shall present you something new and breath-taking: Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express vs. Cover Girl LashBlast. It's like Batman vs. Superman but with mascara. Ah, only that movie had ever been made, we would have seen both Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in and out of those spandex garments. Yummy!

Anyways, let's go back to our focus of the day, shall we? On Team A, we have Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express (aka The Colossal) and on Team B, we have Cover Girl LashBlast (or LashBlast for short).
Team A in yellow, Team B in orange

I reviewed LashBlast before and you can read it here. To me, this mascara is very awesome and I really love it. As I went along, the flaking was less pronounced and I think it's because the mascara got thicken up. However, as it fulfills my 3B's criteria (bolder, bigger, better), the only caveat is LashBlast does not curl my lashes.

The Colossal, on the other hand, is a great curling mascara. On my first try, I did not even curl my lashes and applied it straight from the tube. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed how curly my lashes were and uttered a "wow!" If you have straight lashes like I do, you will say "wow" too as you know how agonize it is to curl your lashes and see it droop down within 5 minutes.

Unlike LashBlast, the Colossal has a regular mascara wand applicator, not a clump-free plastic version. The wand is quite big, I reckon, and reminds me very much of MAC Mascara X's wand. The shape is the football-size curve with lots of nylon bristles. When I put the Colossal and LashBlast side by side, the previous one looks a bit puny. However, if compared to a regular mascara wand, it's still much bigger.

The Colossal wand on top, LashBlast at the bottom
LashBlast is chunky, y'all!

The formula I purchased for the Colossal is Glam Black and I thought it would be shiny and glamorous. However, it feels like a regular black mascara to me. There are two other formulas: classic black and black-brown. When I opened the tube, there's this awful smell came out that made me winch. It's a cross between grandma's old powder and old rose water, just awful. However, it goes away fast but I do prefer my mascara to be fragrance-free.

Beside being a good curling mascara, the Colossal is also a good lengthening one. After 2, 3 coats of mascara, my lashes looked really long and skinny, not long and beefy like after being coated by LashBlast. You can see for yourself here:

Naked eye

After 2-3 coats of the Colossal
You can see some curls and length here

At a different angle to see the lashes curling up

As much as I like the length and the curl, this mascara gives me absolutely no volume at all! And you know me when it comes to mascara: 3B's- bolder, bigger, better. This mascara does not make my lashes any bolder, or bigger; maybe longer and better-looking in a natural way. It kind of enhances the way my lashes look naturally but does not make them look really dramatically beautiful. And I want drama!

So what a girl do? Apply LashBlast on top of it, of course!

One extra coat of LashBlast and "Hello, Clump city!"

Different angle and see how much darker and beefier the lashes look

To sum this up, let me jot down the pros and cons of Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express:

Pros: this mascara is for you if you...
  • want to enhance the way your lashes look naturally by giving it some extra length,
  • do not need a volumizing mascara,
  • have stick-straight eyelashes and want to add some curls,
  • need a mascara that does not dry out your lashes: this mascara has collagen to nourish your lashes and it's quite gentle
  • want a clump-free mascara
Cons: it is not for you if you...
  • do not like a fragrant mascara (like me!),
  • want dramatic, dark, and lush lashes: you'd better be off with LashBlast anyways,
  • do not like raccoon eyes: this mascara smudges a little bit like all Maybelline mascaras does to me,
  • love the plastic wand: in my humblest opinion, I think the plastic wands are much better in coating your lashes and making them clump-free. Nylon bristle wands, however, does not provide such a good application.
My rating: B+, points taken off from the smell and lack of drama.

After I took the last picture, the mascara dried out and separated quite nicely. I guess I should not take that picture when the mascara was quite wet. I'm totally happy with the result of these two mascara working together. My lashes look so long, curly, and beautiful just the way I want them. So if you're as lash-obsess as I am, I suggest you to get both mascaras and use the Colossal first to build curl and length, then LashBlast for volume and pigmentation. Besides, buying two mascaras is still cheaper than owning one Lancome mascara, am I right?

One more thing before we go on with our day: yesterday I asked you to name the brand of those two eye shadows, remember? The only person who got it correctly was Kia from Yummy411. Yup, you got it right, it's Iman Cosmetics eye shadows. They are really pigmented, silky, and long lasting. Target had a sale a while ago and I could not help myself to take home some of those. I already popped them out of their containers to put in my palette and I believe they fit in MAC palettes as well. Great buy: 2 of those are about the same price as 1 MAC eyeshadows. By the way Kia, I used to lurk on your site for a while ago, way before I started blogging here. You have a neat site girl!

This is for Kia, others who did not guess can only share if she agrees :)

A gourmet cupcake from Cups 'n' Cakes!

Once in a while I saw something interesting online that I had to save to my computer. Recently it was the wedding cupcakes that peaked my interest and I do like cupcakes a lot. If I get married one day, expect to see cupcakes instead of real cakes on my party. My lazy self does not like to cut the cakes and handling out cupcakes is neater and probably better for those who love icing!

There you have it. Thanks for reading the mascara drama, ladies. I hope you're having a good day.

Take care,
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