So they said, "You ain't a beauty blogger until you did a FOTD". Just as you're wondering what the heck is "FOTD", let me break it down for y'all: it's a part of the makeup addict lingo and codes for "face of the day".

My most recent color love is the blues, ranging sky blue to electronic blue to deep dark blue. In fact, my first color palette was a set of blue and grey from Maybelline called "Urban Chic" or something like that. It was back in the day that Maybelline NY made really good and pigmented eye colors. Now their eye shadows are just plain chalky.

The look was inspired by Barbie doll, for real!
I was thinking of something summer and sweet so I ended up with the blue eyes-pink lips combo.
What I used:

  • The She Space eye pigments in Risky Rebel with blue twinkles (my custom order)
  • MAC Parrot e/s: I finally got my hands on this one after months of bitching complaining
  • MAC Flashtrack, my first MAC e/s
  • MAC Warming Trend e/s
  • Maybelline NY Dream Mousse shadow in Ivory Illusion: used as an eyeshadow base (not shown)
  • VS Very Sexy liquid pencil liner in Hot Teal (not shown)
  • Cover Girl LashBlast mascara in very black
  • Everyday Minerals blush in Cherry Fizz
  • Silk Naturals foundation (custom mix that I created myself, please don't ask me the mixing ratio as I do not recall anymore!)
For the boo-boos: you can't see them because I cover them well with my mineral concealers (not shown in picture)
  • Under the eyes: Everyday Minerals concealer in Sunlight
  • Blemishes: Everyday Minerals concealer in Intensive Medium
Lips: MAC lipglass in Sugar Trance

Here's the how-to:


  • Apply the dream mousse shadow all over the lid and to the brow bone as a primer. It will keep the colors stay intact.
  • Using an eyeshadow brush such as MAC 239, pick up some Risky Rebel and apply to the eye lid area. Since Risky Rebel is in powder form, it is better to dab it to the eye lid rather than swipe it in.
  • Using a pencil brush such as MAC 219 (my love!), apply Parrot to the outer corner of the eye and blend well with Risky Rebel. The use a blending brush to apply Parrot on the crease (upper area from the eyelid)
  • Using a slanted eyeshadow brush such as MAC 266, apply Flashtrack close to the eyelashes to intensify the colors.
  • Apply Warming Trend to the brow bone area as a highlighter (optional if you apply a heavy layer of Dream Mousse).
  • Line your eyes with Hot Teal and apply mascara and you're done with the eyes.
  • Apply foundation with a kabuki brush and buff carefully.
  • Apply concealer where needed (under the eyes, on blemishes and scars).
  • Apply Cherry Fizz blush to the cheeks. This blush looks very light on me so I layer up about 2, 3 layers to get the intensity that I want.
Lips: apply Sugar Trance lipglass and you're done!

Note: Warming Trend, Parrot, and Sugar Trance are limited edition items but I'm sure you can find similar colors at MAC.

Here are some other pictures of the look:

Didn't remember what I was thinking whe I took the picture.
The concealers worked so well that I barely see the scars!

No, I didn't try to offend anybody. I posed with a peace sign but somehow the other fingers didn't show!

If you're wondering why I looked like an Oompa Loompa in the pictures, it's because of the camera. I figured out a setting that shows the best colors but the downside is my skin also turns orange in the pictures. Oh well!

I hope you enjoy my first FOTD. I had fun applying makeup and taking pictures. All your comments are welcome. Also, today is my birthday! I'm turning 20-old!

Take care y'all and have a productive week ahead!
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