For some odd reasons, no one seems to understand that my definition of 'effortless' is genuinely effortless and possibly lazy. I've decided that if I was going for the effortless look, I might as well actually put in little time, as opposed to spending lots of time to look effortless.

It's weird because my high school friends, who know me well but don't go to the same universtiy, can't imagine me going to lectures in a boring tee, jeans and sneakers. But to myself and to people who I see at school, (and even my mum who visited me for only five days last term,) I probably look like I live in these two American Apparel shirts. Ever since I bought them last fall, I just can't stop wearing them! All I ever do now is rotate between the two.

OK, so admittedly, I first bought the grey shirt because I was looking for a boring and easy-to-wear shirt for school, and after seeing Mary Kate in them and realising that the shirts were actually affordable, I thought that I simply must get them. This 'look' was exactly what I was looking for, something loose and comfortable, and something that would suit bootcut and straight-leg jeans. The poor friend who I dragged into the store (and she doesn't like American Apparel because the clothes are just boring,) was not amused when I made her sit through my agonising over what colours and sizes to get. And after wearing the grey one for a few times, I was so in love with it that I went to get another one in Cranberry (colour), which looks great with pale skin.

Another thing I love about it is that the sleeves hang a lot below the armpit -kind of like batwing tops, so I can wear it for many times before they need to be washed, (whereas with normal tops, I have to wash them probably after wearing them two times.) A warning though: I don't know if it's because I wear the grey top more or they're just not as good quality, but the grey, tri-blend top has already got little fuzzy bits on it, and it's not like I've washed it often. Oddly enough, the cranberry one is still nice and soft. I know I shouldn't, but I'm so tempted to get another one! Maybe one in a lighter colour, like this mauve one. So tempting...

Who else here only lives in a few shirts? Or do you prefer to really doll up everyday (like Marissa and Summer did in The OC)? I suspect most people are probably somewhere in between right?

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