I've been meaning to write about the YSL Muse bag for ages, but keep forgetting. Yes, the YSL Muse bag has almost reached IT bag status. Basically this means that many celebs have been sporting it and most, if not all stores are already sold out.

The Muse catalogue:

Muse in chocolate

Muse in white

Muse in metallic

You can also personalise your Muse with two initials for free at Neiman Marcus, although personally I would prefer the bag initial-free.

OK, so which celeb has been toting the Muse? Kate Moss was the first to be seen carrying it way back last year (near the time of her drug scandal.) Then the others followed...
La Lohan who seems to own every bag around, of course has a Muse

Naomi Watts somehow manages to make the Muse look less 'structured'. Hers also looks smaller.

Jennifer Lopez uses the white Muse to match her black & white outfit. It looks great with her black boots!

I think out of all the celebs I've seen, Jessica Alba seems to carry the Muse the best. Because like I said, the Muse is a structured bag (unlike the Chloe Paddington,) and Alba's whole outfit here -the coat and button-up shirt/dress underneath -looks very professional and 'structured' also.

Anyways, so if you're interested in getting aYSL Muse, you can buy one (or get yourself on the waiting list) for US$1295.

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