Today was also quite a shopping spree. I went to Dior, Ralph Lauren, Seibu (a lovely Hong Kong department store equivalent to Bloomingdales), Chanel and Dolce & Gabanna, and came home with a lovely green sweater (another essential for a Chicago winter) and a purple peacoat-not very practical but hey, who said fashion was practical?

Anyways, after spending 1 hour in Chanel, even though I came out with practically nothing, I feel I have absorbed some very fashionable tips from having spent so long staring at the new runway show they were showing. And a very cool show it was too, showing the models walking down the runway in one shot and them walking around in a boat in the same outfit in another. So according to Karl, and an article I read in Vogue recently, the sailing theme is very in indeed, as in his recent Cruise 04-05 Collection, with blue strips and blazers with the chanel logo on the breast pocket (which in my opinion looks more like a private school uniform then sailors). And this of course, being Chanel, is all done with their signature feminine and classy twist. And off the runway, in the store there were these incredibly gorgeous yellow flats that I totally love, but alas, one can't get everything one wants. Besides the fashionable value of them is butone season, the practicality of it is approximately one season and the love-ability of them despite it beng chanel is also one season before it turns dirty and ugly and you are forced to chuck them out. . . .

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